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Strategic Training for Advancement in Roles (STAR) is your club officer training. The acronym STAR represents each of you, the stars of Toastmasters. For the pieces of training this term, we are using your feedback and the Toastmasters International requirements to create an engaging and comprehensive training program for you.

This training is curated and hosted by District 100.

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Why On-Demand?

On-Demand Leader Training was an idea and foundation created out of a need for greater flexibility in our training. With many people working different hours, having families, and overall just having busier lives, spending immense amounts of time tied up can be challenging. Allowing individuals to do the training on their time will allow them to gain more value, get more insight, and develop better questions or knowledge of what is being taught. After that, discussion sessions with peers can really help facilitate the exchange of knowledge and help to guide a member to become stronger!



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